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Ja Morant wants to give redemption.

SportsJa Morant wants to give redemption.

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The comeback came with a song. A song titled "Get Back" by a Memphis rapper was accompanied by the NBA's most compelling highlight of the week: the moment when Ja Morant reminded everyone what we've been missing. The highlight of Morant was posted by the rapper on his social media team. As Morant, the motor and moxie behind the Memphis Grizzlies, dribbles, then accelerates and finally, in sweet, savory slow motion, spins around a defender and toward the game-winning bucket, the lyrics repeat: "They get back a."

Morant's back was declared by the song after his acrobatic layup Tuesday night against New Orleans as time expired in his first game following a 25-game suspension and his own mouth. After the buzzer sounded, Morant said "I'm back!" toward his father, who was dutifully fulfilling the role as Ja's biggest cheerleader. He didn't lower his head as he scanned the faces along the baseline. If the chosen character possesses a non-fungible value of being a supreme athlete, then all the better. Our favorite athletes have the benefit of that. It didn't take long for the "Get Back" video to circulate and serve as a glimpse of the excitement from NBA players, fans and even Morant himself in welcoming Ja back to center stage. Morant and his own decisions forced him to leave the spotlight and temporarily abdicate his claim as the next face of the league. Morant looked just like the star he was before he discovered the perils of Facebook when he returned to the court. Even though he hadn't played in a while, Morant's conditioning was amazing while he scored 34 points in 35 minutes. The difference between Morant and the top pick in that draft was obvious. After sitting out the first 25 games of the year, he appeared to be the player trying to catch his wind while working to get his own shot, as if he was the player trying to catch his wind after sitting out. The ball landed through the net and the reaction was instantaneous. Utah's Jordan Clarkson said, "Ja being back is good for hoops!" while Philadelphia's Tyrese Maxey said, "Ja being back is good for hoops!"

Morant has attracted a demographic that loves him for his swagger. When Morant rushed off the floor, he seasoned his swagger with his on-brand arrogance because he was so good. Morant will be himself for his redemption story, so let it be known that he is who he is. Lock was a second-round pick out of Missouri, but he peaked as a starter during the 2020 season. Lock was the unlikely hero, throwing a touchdown pass with 28 seconds left in the game. It is hard to describe the feeling of not playing for a long time, as if it is a really long time for me. You get back out there last week, and I can do this.

When Morant met with Ready, he said he was a dawg.

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