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Jets' Jesse Ventura is on RFK Jr.'s VP Candidate Short List.

SportsJets' Jesse Ventura is on RFK Jr.'s VP Candidate Short List.

Michael Owens is a photographer.

Kennedy said he has been talking with Rodgers over the past month. Kennedy and Ventura have been in touch since the former wrestler introduced himself at an Arizona campaign event. Kennedy reached out to several people who ran for president in 2020, including Kentucky Senator Paul, who lost the Democratic nomination to current President Joe Biden, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who lost the Democratic primary. Rodgers, a future Hall of Famer as a quarterback, has become an incredibly divisive public figure for his controversial takes on a number of topics, most notably his decision to mislead reporters about his vaccination status during the 2021 season. He made a lot of noise after suggesting that Jimmy Kimmel would appear on documents linking him to late sex offenders. Rodgers never apologized for his remarks despite being mentioned in the cited documents, as well as Kimmel threatening legal action against Rodgers. Rodgers may be the front-runner to serve as Kennedy's running mate, with Davis O'Brien reporting that the domain name was registered last week using a host.

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