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Jodie Comer is great in The End We Start from review.

MovieJodie Comer is great in The End We Start from review.

It is a real-time demonstration of law and order breaking down in this post- apocalyptic drama of survival. Rather, it sees society's normalisation of disaster and loss as an evolutionary leap downwards but one in which a rebirth is not ruled out. This film is a very British world-ending, because the populace are mostly peaceful. The film is about climate change and the low-lying British cities which are going to be washed away by the very rivers and commercial waterways. The effects of climate disaster are only thought of in abstract terms, and many people don't understand that it means fire and flood. The movie begins with a black-comic irony as Jodie Comer's pregnant young woman in London is forced to abandon her home as the heavy rain causes her waters to break. She is calm because she doesn't notice that having a baby for the first time is such a radical upheaval. Fry came up with two suggestions for naming a baby born into a world of water: Noah and Bob. They call the baby Z because they feel like they have reached the end of their conceptual tether. The couple head for his parents who live out in the country with a stockpile of food, but when this runs low, dangerous sorties have to be made into the terrifyingly lawless countryside to find government shelter-support stations which are overrun by violent criminals. This is a road movie and quest movie, with supporting performances from Benedict Cumberbatch and Gina McKee. These keep the film's IQ at the highest level, although I wasn't entirely sure about the later flashbacks showing the beginnings of the young woman's relationship with her partner She is authentic in her vulnerability and idealism as well as her determination and ruthlessness, and for a moment she becomes one of the scary people to be encountered on the road.

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