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Kacey Musgraves was embarrassed by the wardrobe malfunction.

CelebrityKacey Musgraves was embarrassed by the wardrobe malfunction.

Kacey Musgraves almost left 30 Rockefeller Plaza unscathed after her performance on "Saturday Night Live." However, before the show concluded, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction. She pointed out the fashion faux pas, not missing the chance to roast herself.

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The host of "SNL" thanks the cast and crew at the end of the show. The camera had a view of her side profile and the clip that remained in her hair when she pivoted. She wasn't wearing the hair clip during her performance of "Too Good To Be True", so she was likely doing some touch-ups backstage after the show. She performed "Deeper Well," the title track of her upcoming sixth studio album.

Fans didn't seem to notice the clip, but they were supportive. " It looks like it's on purpose, don't worry!" another person said. According to Us Weekly, Musgraves told the press that before she sang her panties came off. "They were the stick-on kind, I mean, just look at this dress, they were stuck on, and then they weren't stuck on, so I had to rip them off and throw them somewhere." She joked that they're hers if you see them around here.

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