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Kaley Cuoco jokes that she could have killed the passenger on the flight.

CelebrityKaley Cuoco jokes that she could have killed the passenger on the flight.

You can get unlimited access to thousands of articles, videos and more with your free account. Kaley Cuoco's flight attendant training for a television series didn't prepare her for an incident with a passenger in real life. Cuoco told a story of her experience flying with her daughter and boyfriend, Tom Pelphrey. The star of the sitcom was a guest on the show on Monday and told the host she was afraid of flying with her daughter. Cuoco and Pelphrey made every effort to make the flight as painless as possible. During the Karen Cook divorce, she had an interest in her own life.

"So she is crying, and she falls asleep on Tom and the sound machine is on, and we were finally like," Cuoco said. The steward came over and said that one of the passengers would love to have the sound machine turned off. The actress said, "I can feel Tom asking the passenger if she wants to hold our screaming child when we turn it off." Cuoco and Pelphrey were so angry with the other passenger that the flight attendant had to relay the message to them.

The woman was in front of us when we landed. Cuoco said that the lady turned around and said that her daughter did know how to smile. Kaley said that she could have thrown the woman off the plane because she understood why women end up on Dateline. Pelphrey and Cuoco were expecting a child in 2022.

In May, Cuoco said that having children was not on her radar until she met Tom. They were married for three years before divorcing in June 2022.

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