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Kevin Spacey plays a man in a Christmas video.

CelebrityKevin Spacey plays a man in a Christmas video.

Kevin Spacey came back with a new Christmas video after three years away. Spacey, in his role as Underwood, blasted cancel culture, teased a 2024 run, and called out legacy media. This year, Spacey, in character as Frank Underwood from "House of Cards," was interviewed by Tucker Carlson. In the seven-minute clip, Spacey (in Underwood's distinctive Southern drawl) told Carlson he believes that the early success of "House of Cards" brought the streaming platform to existence. Spacey said that he put them on the map and that they tried to put him in the ground. The jury found Spacey not guilty of sexual assault charges in the United Kingdom. He won a $40 million civil suit against Anthony Rapp, the actor who accused Spacey of molesting him. In the video, Spacey and Carlson talked about Carlson being fired from Fox. "Here we are, Tucker, bigger than ever," Spacey said, before offering Carlson the role of vice president.

"Legacy media's diligence has turned out to be, they just cut and paste what some 'trusted outlet' does," he said, before telling Carlson to watch how the video was reported on. Spacey said that the video was the beginning, and that the interview was mixed together.

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