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Kim says that unification with South Korea is no longer possible.

PoliticsKim says that unification with South Korea is no longer possible.

Kim has called for a change to the constitution to make it clear that South Korea is the number one hostile state. Kim said in a speech to the supreme people's assembly that he no longer believed unification was possible and that the South was trying to foment regime change. Kim said "we don't want war, but we have no intention of avoiding it."

The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification, the National Economic Cooperation Bureau, and the Mount Kumgang International Tourism Administration are all going to be closing, according to the KCNA news agency. The assembly adopted a decision saying that the two most hostile states are at war. The South Korean president accused the North of being anti-national after Kim said that the South was a hostile country. The recent missile launch and live-fire exercises near the countries' tense maritime border were condemned by Yoon, who warned that provocations would invite retaliation on a "multiplied scale". The official policy on the peninsula has always seen reconciliation and unification as the ultimate goal, despite frequent rises in tensions. The analysts believe that the North could be trying to justify the use of nuclear weapons in a future war if they classify the South as its biggest adversary. Kim said a war would destroy South Korea and lead to a defeat for the US, which has more than 30,000 troops in the country. In the event of war on the Korean peninsula, I think it is important to reflect on the issue of completely occupying, suppressing, and reclaiming and incorporating it into the territory of our Republic. Some Korea watchers are worried about the recent deterioration in cross-border ties. The situation on the Korean peninsula was more dangerous than before the start of the Korean war, according to a report by a former state department official and a nuclear scientist. It may sound crazy, but we think that Kim's grandfather made a strategic decision to go to war. The danger is far beyond the warnings in Washington, Seoul and Tokyo, as we don't know when or how Kim will pull the trigger.

According to the news agency, Kim spoke at a meeting of the Workers' party last year and said that North and South Korea were hostile to each other.

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