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Leave the World Behind is No 1 on the streaming service.

MovieLeave the World Behind is No 1 on the streaming service.

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Something went wrong with the Life Cinematic email. Leave the World Behind has risen to the No 1 spot on the rankings. The film was produced by Higher Ground, a company founded by former US president Barack Obama and his wife. Leave the World Behind received mixed reviews from the critics and viewers despite reaching the top of the streaming service's charts. Leave the World Behind has a positive review score from the critics on the website, but the audience score is less than ideal. The film can't justify its 140-minute running time, that's what viewers said on social media. The film takes an awfully long time to get to the point, and when it does, the point is cartoonishly pessimistic. This is a mistake because I want to watch other things and this movie is almost two and a half hours long. Leave The World Behind didn't need to be almost 2.5 hours, most movies don't need to go past an hour 50 if you ask me. Julia Roberts in 'Leave the World Behind' is being skewered over her complaint about a Tesla "inaccuracy" in the film. At the start of the month, Family Switch provoked a lot of controversy among viewers thanks to a joke centring on a kiss. Four family members switch bodies, with a married couple taking the place of their two children. Leave the World Behind and Family switch are both available to watch.

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