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In a world where the adage “Like father, like son” prevails, Joseph and Mara Moyo paint a different picture, one that embodies the essence of “Like father, like daughter.” This extraordinary father-daughter duo from Africa is breaking barriers and challenging societal norms through their advocacy for men’s health, particularly in the area of prostate awareness.

The Unspoken Struggle of Men’s Health

Joseph Moyo, a seasoned social worker, observes a troubling trend among men. “Most men suffer in silence when confronted with medical issues,” Joseph notes. “Disclosure is often seen as a sign of weakness, leading to a solitary battle with health problems.” This contrasts sharply with the approach of women, who generally seek and receive more family and medical support in health matters.

Joseph Moyo’s Personal Journey with Prostate Health

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In 2023, Joseph Moyo faced an additional health crisis, already suffering from morbid chronic medical conditions. Unlike many men, he chose openness, sharing his condition with his family. Mara, who had been his caregiver and personal nurse since 2015, once again stepped in following his prostate diagnosis. “We openly talk and even joke about it,” Mara shares, highlighting the comfort level in their discussions about his health.

Breaking Cultural Taboos


In many African societies, discussing prostate health is taboo, especially publicly. Mara, in speaking openly about her father’s prostate health, challenges these cultural norms. “It’s seen as a taboo, but we need to normalize these conversations,” Mara asserts.

An Unlikely Duo: Father and Daughter Advocacy


Together, Joseph and Mara have been active in community programs, tackling subjects like menstrual hygiene and men’s health, which are often considered taboo. Their efforts aim to foster openness and support for men facing health challenges.

Joseph Moyo: The Man Behind the Mission

Moyo 1

Joseph is the founder of the African Woman Foundation, with a mantra emphasizing the value of women beyond traditional roles. Despite being bedridden with multiple medical conditions, his spirit of service and advocacy remains undiminished, with Mara by his side.

Mara Moyo: A Daughter’s Devotion

Mara, a qualified nurse since 2015, has devoted her life to caring for her father. “What shall I do for a man who has done so much for humanity?” she ponders. Her dedication is a testament to their unique bond, challenging the traditional father-son and mother-daughter relationships in African culture.

Joseph and Mara’s story is more than just a health advocacy; it’s a narrative that challenges societal norms and speaks to the power of open communication. Their journey underscores the need for breaking silence around men’s health issues and celebrates an extraordinary father-daughter relationship that defies conventional expectations.

We at The Hudson Times are honored to continue sharing the amazing story of this father and daughter in their incredible journey.

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