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Locals were watching the splashdown near the Daytona coast.

ScienceLocals were watching the splashdown near the Daytona coast.

The astronauts aboard the Dragon Freedom capsule splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean from Daytona Beach. The sonic boom caused when the spaceship reentered the Earth's atmosphere was heard by some people near the beach.

There were a bunch of people in the restaurant and they didn't know what the sound was. "They thought the building got hit or there was an earthquake or something and they were in my backyard." "We heard a loud boom, but we didn't know the capsule was about to land," Feuer said. The garage was open and the doors were open, so it was louder than usual.

When she heard the boom, she didn't realize what it was until a few moments later. I asked what she was laughing about, and she said, "What are you laughing at?" She said that the people just ahead of you were just a few minutes too late. She said it's hard for her to distinguish between the sounds she hears while at the beach or in her house. "There is so much going on around that half the time you are thinking, 'Oh it's just another launch,'" she said. I always describe it as a big dump truck in the distance.

The deorbit burn was completed at 7:55 a.m. Commander Lpez-Alegra, a former NASA Astronaut and dual American-Spanish citizen; mission specialist Alper Gezeravc of Turkey, a European Space Agency Astronaut; and pilot Walter Villadei, an Italian Air Force The capsule's parachutes began to deploy just before the splashdown, after it passed through its communications period. The heat shield of the Dragon capsule was expected to reach 3,500 degrees on re-entry, with top speeds of 17,500 mph. All of the targeted sites are located off the coast of Florida. "Spreading the supported sites across multiple locations helps to maximize the return opportunities for this mission in future crews, lowering the chance that we'll have to wave off due to bad weather," she said. The crew of the International Space Station boarded the Dragon capsule to return to Earth.

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