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Madame Web ending and post-credits scene check-in is related to Spider-Man.

MovieMadame Web ending and post-credits scene check-in is related to Spider-Man.

There are no post-credits scenes in Madame Web. You've heard the phrase "He was in the Amazon with my mom when she was researching spiders" The supernatural thriller is unlike any superhero movie you've seen before, but definitely feels like a fun throwback to the '00s comic book films that many of us grew up on. Get ready web slingers because here we go!

Madame Web ending

After an action-packed journey that set Cassie Web, Julia Cromwell, and other members of the crew on their fateful path, the film comes to its climax when the crew battles Ezekiel Sims. It has been revealed that the fated man who was fated to end his life was the one who was drawn to the girls because he thought they would kill him. Thanks to her newfound powers of weaving, she saved her three young charges and saved her life. The crew heads to the hospital where it's discovered that it was because of her near-death experience that she has been rendered blind. Mary is the sister-in-law of Adam Scott's Ben, and she gave birth to her son. Should Madame Web be connected to the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies?

We get a skip forward that shows the girls are now living in a New York City Spider-lair where they bicker and banter, as the girl in a wheelchair sees their future as a team of super Spider- Women. It is here that we get to see the girls in their full Spider-suits along with Cassandra, now acting as a spiritual guide to the superteam. This scene reminds us that the future hasn't happened yet, implying that this could still change. Madame Web doesn't have any post-credits scenes because the entire movie acts as a lead-in to a potential Spider-Woman/Spider- Women movie and because the status of the Sony-verse is up in the air. If you want to pay tribute to the people who worked on the movie, or if you want to see who the comic creators are thanked, then go for it! Is Uncle Ben in Madame Web? Adam Scott, best known for his work on Parks and Recreation and Severance, plays Uncle Ben A.K.A. Ben Parker in Madame Web. He's the EMT partner and the one friend who keeps her grounded and connected to the rest of the world despite her more cranky tendencies.

Ben and Mary were added to the film as a way to honor Madame Web's comic book origins and to build out her world. Madame Web doesn't have her own comic book yet, according to the director. It was nice to give a nod to the world that she comes from, and that's because she's from The Amazing Spider-Man. As the film ends, we see that Mary has safely delivered her baby with the now Uncle Ben by her side. The baby's identity is not known, but the implication is that it's Peter Parker. Mary's most famous child is the guy who became Spider-Man, though she did secretly have a daughter who was revealed in the Spider-Man: Family Business series. When Ben and May are talking about Ben loving being an uncle because it's all fun and no responsibility, we get even more of a hint that he thinks that. Madame Web may connect to the other Spider-Man movies. When IGN asked if Madame Web meant we were watching the beginnings of Tom Holland's Spider-Man universe, the choice was more about the story of the woman than anything else. She said that the year was intended to connect to her mom and her adventures in the Amazon. "I think what it relates to is when her mom was alive, back in the 1970s, and it goes back to her beginnings." It's a choice that gives Sony the freedom to decide what to do with the film when it's out in the world. If they want to connect the baby that is born to Tom Holland Spider-Man, they can, as long as they decide not to. The baby is born, but we never name it. She said that she didn't have the power to see if the movie would connect to other Spider- films. The film ends with a setup for future Spider- Women movies, as each of the young heroes have storied comic book histories to draw from. Some fans might be surprised that there isn't a lot of Spider- Women action in the film, as the girls are only seen in their full suits during a couple of very quick flash-forward sequences. "I think it was always an origin story for me," she said. If you're going to do an origin story justice, you have to focus on the character. I don't think you can do it justice because the other Spider- Women are so extraordinary. It's a lot to juggle for one picture and it's called Madame Web, so I think that was front and center of everything. That would be amazing.

We would love to see where the Spider-Crew goes next, because the film did a great job casting them. If the film is a success, there will be more than one movie for each of the Spider- Women before they team up for the future that Madame Web saw. There are no definitive answers to the biggest question: Could Madame Web and her Spider- Women connect to Tom Holland's Spider-Man? This story was changed to include full details on February 14, 2024. She has over half a decade of experience in entertainment journalism.

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