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Marie took legal action to stop Andy from calling her.

CelebrityMarie took legal action to stop Andy from calling her.

Marie took drastic measures to end her relationship with Andy Gibb. Bob Stanley wrote a new biography about the Bee Gees called "The Story of the Bee Gees: Children of the World." He was doing tons of drugs, and Marie didn't drink Coca-Cola, according to the record producer. Marie Ormond said that a miracle came into both of her lives.

On "The Talk" in December of last year, Osmond said they had known each other for a couple of years and were dating when Gibb began calling her frequently. She said that she felt bad because she probably wanted to do it in person, but it was just enough. He went on to date "Dallas" star Victoria Principal after seeing what he was doing to himself. According to Stanley's book, their relationship ended after Principal forced him to choose between drugs and alcohol.

"He told me that the break up with Principal was a good thing because he saw where his life was going, and he changed it," she said. Stanley wrote that Andy's voice had been wrecked by cocaine and Quaaludes. He was a child when the band started releasing music.

He was sober in 1987 but ran into financial problems and flogged his jewelry for cash on Sunset Boulevard. He lost his way after a traumatic death at 30.

He was living on a weekly $200 allowance from his family after he filed for bankruptcy.

The cause of death for Gibb was myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart that can be caused by drugs. Peta was the daughter of the couple in 1978.

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