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Meta's glasses have thoughts about your pants.

TechnologyMeta's glasses have thoughts about your pants.

The onboard artificial intelligence will be able to see, hear, and interpret its environment through the Ray-Ban Smart Glasses. The company stated late Tuesday that the features are now available in the public. Meta CEO and leader Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like to show off new features in a boring and awkward way. Sam Bankman-Fried's daily getup shorts and sleep shirt and Steve Jobs' black turtlenecks are the only patented attires. On Tuesday evening, he took his Smart Glasses to his cluttered closet and then he pulled out a large navy blue polo shirt. Meta recommended dark-washed jeans or solid color pants after it responded with a robotic "It seems to be a striped shirt." If I were the one holding that gaudy vintage polo and wondering what the hell goes with rainbow stripes, I might find the answer very helpful. Meta will try and make the feature seem more human once it has implemented celebrity voices for users to chat with inside Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. The Ray-Ban glasses can access real-time information through Bing. Meta offered a few more likely uses for the vision-enabled artificial intelligence, such as writing a caption for a photo taken during a hike or asking it to describe an object you are holding. There are better uses for vision-based artificial intelligence, such as real-world narration for blind or low vision users, but Meta seems to be keeping it small. You could use the onboard microphone to talk up Meta's bot if you wanted to. I am not known for my drip so I can't comment on Zuck's style choices, but I do think that the style advice from the artificial intelligence won't be helpful for me.

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