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Mexico City Art Week's outstanding highlights.

Arts and EntertainmentMexico City Art Week's outstanding highlights.

Culture Mexico City Art Week features innovative, impressive art, design and architecture.

Zona Maco, the art fair that is the center of Mexico City Art Week, is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing the event. Many of the Mexican and Latin American galleries that exhibit at Zona Maco do not have a presence at other international art fairs. The Zona Maco 20th anniversary edition featured powerful, unexpected pieces and thought- provoking presentations, as well as San Gimignano, Italy's Gallera Continua. Mexico City has an extensive collection of museums and architectural treasures that are a highlight every year. The city has a stunning annual display of art and design, and the following seven ephemeral selections contributed to it.


The inaugural solo exhibit by artist Eduardo Sarabia, Four Minutes of Darkness, features a chapel-like structure with a stained-glass ceiling, a fountain cast in shadow and ornate, vine-like illustrations. Guests will find his ceramic pieces on the upper floor. The second of three installations by Sarabia is dedicated to the total solar eclipse that will be visible in Mazatln.


AMULETOS is the first exhibition dedicated to the design duo Agnes Studio and is on display through the end of March. The design studio's pieces feel at once familiar and foreign, rough hewn and elegant.


The current show at the Mexico City contemporary design gallery MASA features eye-catching pieces from various artists and designers. The exhibition at MASA will allow you to see an active dialogue between art, design and architecture, as well as to understand the power all three have when in harmony. The four chairs are composed of thousands of sheets of wrinkled, stacked and glued manila paper and are the highlight of the installation.

Casa Pedro Ramrez Vzquez has Nilufar.

Nilufar, a Milan design gallery, made their Mexico City debut inside the house of Pedro Ramzquez, an influential Mexican architect. The pop-up exhibition highlighted the relationship between Mexico City design retailer Studio 84 and Nilufar, and featured new collaborative rugs from David/Nicolas and cc-tapis. Diego Velasco gave it to Galerie Philia.

HADA X HOK is at the Galerie Philia.

The international contemporary design gallery, Galerie Philia, has become known for its installations that lift attendees into worlds of unrestricted imagination. In partnership with Mexico City's HADA X HOK, they staged an exhibition that was inspired by a Japanese author's acclaimed essay on aesthetic, "In Praise of Shadows." Contributions from Eliana Portilla and others contributed to the mysterious environment. Installation view of gabriel orozco in Mexico City.

Gabriel Orozco's paintings and drawings, along with stone sculptural works on pedestals, comprise a powerful new self-titled exhibition running now through 23 March. The works pay homage to Orozco's places of residence. The Diario de Plantas series is composed of miniature sketches and leaf imprints, both of which were captured in his travel journals. The image of Alicja Kwade was provided by the Pace Gallery.

Zona Maco has a Pace Gallery.

One of the most compelling pieces from the entirety of Mexico City Art Week was presented at Zona Maco. A sculptural material study by Polish-German contemporary artist Alicja Kwade, "Trans-for- Men 7" (2023), is a work of art in which segments of stone, bronze, patinated bronze, petrified wood, steel and glass are separated by double-sided mirror. The experience of transformation is what passes along the piece.

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