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Microsoft responded to FTC claims about layoffs.

TechnologyMicrosoft responded to FTC claims about layoffs.

The FTC argued that Microsoft's previous claims about the acquisition were incorrect because of the layoffs at the Xbox Game Studios. Microsoft argued that the layoffs couldn't be attributed to the merger of the companies. Microsoft's suggestion that the two companies will operate independently after the layoffs is not in line with the FTC's argument. The FTC'sassertions are incomplete and misleading, according to Microsoft's argument. The layoffs can't be solely the result of the merger, because they were already planning on eliminating a significant number of jobs. Microsoft's acquisition of the company was lengthy and involved a lot of back and forth with the FTC, and was finally completed late last year for an eye-watering 69 billion dollars. The gaming industry as a whole has seen frequent announcements of mass layoffs recently, and the latest report suggests Microsoft's layoffs have hit Crash Bandicoot developer. We will keep an eye out for more.

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