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Miss Universe is the latest target of the government.

BeautyMiss Universe is the latest target of the government.

The director of the Miss Nicaragua contest was accused by the government of being part of a conspiracy to overthrow the president. The director, Karen Celebertti, and the actress, Ariana Palacios, took part in large anti-government protests that led to the brutal suppression of the protests by the government. The husband of Ms. Celebertti was involved in the protests. Xiomara Blandino, the daughter-in-law of the president, had criticized Ms. Celebertti's organization last month. A person close to the family who asked to remain anonymous said that the husband and son of Ms. Celebertti have been arrested since the Miss Universe competition. Ms. Celebertti quit her job this week after being stranded in Mexico with her daughter and not being allowed back into her home country. The most unusual targets of the Nicaraguan government's campaign against its opponents are those connected to Ms. Palacios. It has expelled or arrested many people, including charity groups, political rivals and writers.

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