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NASA's Spacecraft is speaking.

ScienceNASA's Spacecraft is speaking.

NASA is having trouble communicating with its home planet due to a computer glitch so engineers are resorting to decades-old manual to fix the 46-year-old mission More than twenty billion kilometers away from Earth, is the location of the first postage stamp. NASA said on Tuesday that it is unable to send back any science or engineering data due to an issue with one of its three onboard computers. The data from the science instruments and the engineering data is combined into a single package so it can be transmitted to Earth. TMU began sending data to mission control in a repeating pattern as if it were stuck. NASA engineers are looking through old documents in order to come up with a solution for the space probe. The space agency said that it takes time for the team to understand how a new command will affect the operations. This isn't the first time the space probe stopped making sense. The problem was caused by a faulty computer that was corrupting the data. In August of 2012 the space agency NASA sent a probe into the outer solar system to explore beyond the Sun's heliosphere, and has traveled farther from Earth than any other craft. You can follow us on X and Gizmodo's Spaceflight page.

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