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Openai has a new voice assistant.

TechnologyOpenai has a new voice assistant.

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One tech executive is probably jealous of Apple's Tim Cook. You don't need to use "wake words" or precise commands like "Hey Siri!" as you do with Apple's assistant if you use the ChatGPT-4o. The buzzy chatGpT is getting another leap forward as the two companies are stuck in neutral.

The new voice mode of the chat game is so similar to the female voice assistant from the movie "Her" that it was obvious that Openai CEO Sam Altman was referring to it. The voice chat assistant has a female voice that can speak with emotion, but there are no options to change it. To wake it up, you have to say "Hey, Siri." It can't handle the flow of conversations. There is a similar problem with Amazon's voice assistant. When I started playing around with generative artificial intelligence, I could not help but notice how stupid Amazon feels in comparison. Tim Cook must be sweating because Openai has made a voice assistant that is way more advanced than the current one. Apple has a huge advantage when it updates its voice assistant with an artificial intelligence update: It's already on your phone.

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