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Paper fashion editorial: uploading your mind into the metaverse

Fashion & StylePaper fashion editorial: uploading your mind into the metaverse

It sounds like a movie, but it's not far off from reality. Photographer Robin Berglund explores the increasing presence of artificial intelligence in his latest editorial, "My soul burns as my consciousness is uploaded to the virtual afterlife." One image has a syringe with acid green liquid and another has cords and cables that could be plugged into a computer that collects data from humans. What would happen to us if we stopped thinking for ourselves or were told what to think by computers? The concept of a soul burning is used metaphorically to describe emotional or spiritual experiences, or as a poetic way of expressing the feeling of consumption by strong emotions. Berglund wanted to evoke a sense of emptiness and vulnerability for the brain. The set design was to create a 'cage' of which you would wonder who is the human and who is the artificial intelligence.

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