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Pistons blow a lead and lose for the 28th straight time.

SportsPistons blow a lead and lose for the 28th straight time.

The worst team in the NBA takes on the best team in the NBA at home, a place it hasn't lost all season, and slays the dragon, both metaphorically and literally. It would have been an inspiring movie, but Detroit found itself in another horror film. The Pistons are one of the NBA's most storied teams.

The Pistons lost in overtime to the Celtics, tying the longest losing streak in NBA history at 28. The Pistons turned the ball over too much in the first 24 minutes, but they didn't do anything differently. It was the first time in a long time that it felt like an opposing team shot poorly. The Pistons briefly trailed by six points late in the fourth quarter, but showed some calm late in the game to not let up, like they have most of the season. Detroit had several chances to take a lead in the fourth quarter, but Bojan and Alec missed wide-open looks. Go Deeper, where does Pistons' losing streak rank in sports history? The Celtics had a two-point lead with 4.8 seconds left when Bogdanovich cleaned up a Cunningham missed 3-point attempt. The Pistons shot under 40 percent from the field and were 1-for-8 from 3 in the extra period. The Raptors will be in Detroit on Saturday to face the Pistons.

Brian Fluharty is pictured.

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