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Reese said that they don't hate each other.

SportsReese said that they don't hate each other.

Relive the moment of Angel Reese pointing her ring finger at Caitlyn Clark in the closing moments of LSU's victory against Iowa in last year's title game.

Angel Reese said she has no hard feelings toward Iowa's Caitlin Clark as the two stars prepare for a repeat of their game in the Elite Eight. The competitive fire and trash talk both players display when they are on the court has been a topic of discussion. Reese made a gesture at Clark as LSU closed out its victory over Iowa in the national championship game last year and the discussion surrounding her trash talk and relationship with Clark intensified. Reese was asked about talking trash again, as it relates to what happened last year. If I see you walking down the street, I'm like, 'Hey, girl, what's up? Let's hang out.' I want everyone to know that I don't hate anyone. I'm going to do everything in my power to get into your head, but after the game, we can kick it. I know we are growing women's basketball, so I will take the hit for it. Reese said that she and Clark had been playing each other since high school and that she had started her career at Maryland. Reese was asked if the similarities between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were related to Clark and her, but he said that he had never seen the game. Clark said she could see similarities between her game and Reese's. When you're a competitor and you get into a situation like this, where you want to win more than anything, that's how it should be. "We're both competitive and we're going to do anything we can to help our teams win, so be it." It's part of the game, but it's not why we do it. It's fun for us because women's basketball is doing better than it has ever done. You can choose to focus on the people that say bad things, but at the end of the day, they're talking online for a reason.

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