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Rep. Turner has a cartoon about Star Wars.

MovieRep. Turner has a cartoon about Star Wars.

The Chair of the U.S. House Intel said that Russia could target U.S. satellites with nuclear missiles. Turner wanted to get the House to vote on new aid to Ukraine, but he was opposed by Darth Vader. Turner made news when he called on the Biden Administration to declassify information about a new national security threat. He sent an email to members of Congress that the House Intel Committee had just been informed of the new threat which he would share with them. Turner was worried about the threat of nukes in space and attacks on satellites, but National Security spokesman John Kirby and national security advisor Jake Sullivan acknowledged that was exactly what he was talking about. Kirby ignored E.T. and the George Jetson family and said Turner wasn't talking about a weapon that can be used to attack human beings. The statement was co-signed by Turner and the Committee's ranking member. The information will be made available to all members of Congress who are viewing it as serious.

Turner was concerned that the administration was sleepwalking into an international crisis. It looks like they will be able to take action.

Turner said that the statement that was issued to the members was signed by him and his ranking member. I am happy that the administration is taking this seriously, and we will now be able to see action from them.

Turner wants 'The Force' to be with new aid to Ukraine because of the consequences of allowing Russia to continue its aggression. It's important for the United States to stand with Ukraine.

Turner talks like a real Republican, like Reagan, Ike and Honest Abe.

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