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Robert Downey Jr. has won an Oscar.

CelebrityRobert Downey Jr. has won an Oscar.

Robert Downey Jr. has just won his first Oscar, more than 30 years after he was first nominated. Downey won the Best Supporting actor award for his performance in Christopher Nolan's movie "Odyssey". It was a performance that drew out many of Downey's best qualities as an actor, surface-level charm spackling over deep anger and insecurity, creating a stomach-churning portrayal of a man raging at living in the shadow of greatness, aware in the moment that he's little Robert Downey Jr. is an Oscar-worthy listener.

Robert Downey Jr. called a friend an Oscar-worthy listener.

The field of competitors included Robert De Niro, Robert Downey, Jr., and Mark Ruffallo, but Downey won out over them. He said he needed the job more than it needed him. His win is the first trophy that Nolan's film has brought home during tonight's festivities, but most likely not the last.

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