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Sammy Hagar gave a moving tribute to Toby.

MusicSammy Hagar gave a moving tribute to Toby.

Sammy Hagar told the crowd that Toby and he spent a lot of time in Cabo together. He said that he closed the Cabo Wabo more times than he remembered, and that it was difficult to get thrown out of a bar. Hagar played "Heavy Metal" and "I Can't Drive 55" before singing "I Love This Bar." Hagar was one of three performers who performed a song in honor of Toby Creek. Toby's cancer battle was disclosed in June of 2020 and he passed away in February. He said on social media that he had been diagnosed with stomach cancer. After he died, his family issued a statement saying that he passed peacefully while surrounded by family and that he fought his fight with grace and courage. The performances at Sunday's awards show brought his friends and family together as they reminisced and sang. The crowd chanted "Whiskey for my men and beer for my horses" when Roger returned to the stage. In September 2001, Toby and Hagar met in Las Vegas, where Toby was doing a show. Hagar said that they became friends and that he loved the song "Finish What Ya Started." Hagar said he bet on the outcome of the fight. "We went to every bar in town in Vegas and rented a big, big old van, stuffed it in a bag, and took the $40,000 we won on the fight, and put it in a bag and left," Hagar said. Hagar said that he and his band would perform "I Love This Bar" together in Cabo San Lucas at Cabo Wabo. It was the best way to honor their friendship.

Although Hagar is a hard rock guy, he's always felt at home in country. Hagar said he's not a country artist, but a country kind of guy.

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