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See the best fashion looks on the Oscars red carpet.

FashionSee the best fashion looks on the Oscars red carpet.

On the last day of the awards season, America Ferrera wore a sparkling Versace dress in the film's signature pink hue, and Rita Moreno wore a black gown. Hollywood's big night in Los Angeles included few fashion risks, with many sticking to classic silhouettes, black and other standard colors, though soft sea foam colors were plentiful in mermaid crystal looks. It was Louis Vuitton and it was under the sea with wings attached to the wrist.

Brittany Snow offered a refreshing show of color in a bright strapless custom Monot dress with a statement choker. Cynthia Erivo, in Louis Vuitton, put spikes on the carpet in deep green leather. Emily and John Krasinski wore matching off-white dresses with Emily's shoulders above her body. She wore a black jacket, pattern skirt, white socks, and black Mary Janes on the carpet. The group carrying toy monsters showed up. Many men stuck to black in tuxedos and other looks, including a fashion star of the awards season, who wore a double-breasted tuxedo, a custom Louis Vuitton, and a jewel at the center of his bow. He told E! that he wanted to shine like a diamond.

Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper wore black tuxedos. There was a lot of black for the women, too, including a custom Schiaparelli forSandra Hller with extended shoulders and the perfect fit. The designer said it was made in four days. Simu Liu and Allison Hsu are pictured. The epitome of old Hollywood glamour, Cox's hair was piled high as she fluttered a feather-light neck piece that trailed behind. Scott George, a member of the Osage Nation and the first Indigenous person to receive an Oscar nomination for best original song, was among the early arrivals in a gray look trimmed in green and purple, his tie in matching colors. A couple of little people in films were happy to walk. Juliet Donenfeld of "Red, White and Blue" wore a blinged-out dress while Porche Brinker of "The Last Repair Shop" wore a soft blue dress. The red color of the awards season had some early enthusiasts. I wanted to be in Hollywood.

Union wore a silver embellished look from Carolina Herrera. Sean Ono Lennon wore a backless and near sideless black dress while walking with Charlotte Kemp Muhl. The Fashion Brand Company jacket that Daniel was wearing was adorned with a snake. Simu took the Kenergy with him, wearing a black jacket with a brooch.

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