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Sharmila is studying social media.

PoliticsSharmila is studying social media.

The grand engagement ceremony of YS Sharmila's son Raja Reddy and his to-be wife Priya Atluri was held at the Golconda Resorts in Hyderabad yesterday. A few people who streamed the engagement online said that Sharmila gave more importance to Powerstar than her own brother and AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy. After greeting Sharmila, he went on to bless the couple along with Bharathi. Some people are saying that Jagan tried to get Sharmila to come to the center of the stage while he was giving the bouquet to the couple, but she stood away and didn't pay heed to him. Sharmila stood next to Pawan Kalyan when he came on stage and later thanked him for coming to the event. This is just a discussion on social media so we can't dig too much into what happened last night as it is a family matter.

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