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Some Apple apps will be modified for Vision Pro.

TechnologySome Apple apps will be modified for Vision Pro.

It won't be a big deal if the majority of the over 1 million apps that Apple says are the Vision Pro are just existing iPad or iPhone versions. The Vision Pro may be able to port the touch-first approach to the Reminders app. The Vision Pro can be used as a productivity device. If the main input method of the calendar app doesn't work out, that will sour the experience of the $3,500 device. He writes that the 30 percent App Store cut is a factor in low developer enthusiasm, and that the product may only have made 80,000 units at launch, making a small pool of users to sell apps to. Independent developers who can't get a Vision Pro developer kit might not want to spend the high price of entry, which app maker Paul Haddad was quoted as saying in a Mastodon post. Neither of the two video streaming companies will have a native app for the headset to work with, and both chose not to let their iPad apps run on it. You can use the websites through the browser on the Mac, since both of them support 4K.

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