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Sreya Halder is the founder of the Campfire.

Fashion & StyleSreya Halder is the founder of the Campfire.

Le hopes to build a community of early founders through reflective conversations on the show. Whether you are a founder, dreamer, investor or simply curious, there is a place for you around the campfire. In the first episode of Founder's Campfire, Sreya Halder, a master's student in computer science atStanford, talks about her experience building Club Cardinal, which attracted thousands of users. She explains how her personalized wardrobe avatar app went viral, amassing over 180,000 downloads, and her decision to pursue her passion for fashion full-time after graduating from college. Le dives deep into the important decisions Sreya made in her entrepreneurial journey: turning down an offer from Pear VC, choosing to focus full-time on her startup, and selecting the right co-founder and pre-seed fund.

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