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The 8 best hair brushes.

BeautyThe 8 best hair brushes.

If you have coarse, thick, or curly hair, you should use a hair brush. The brush types that work for us with large heads of hair are the ones that are too thin or that get stuck in our hair. I felt like I was watching that scene in The Princess Diaries when Mia broke the hairdresser's brush. I broke several brushes because my hair is very similar to Mia's, so finding the right hair brush took a lot of trial and error. I'm writing this in the hope that it will save someone else a lot of time, energy, and money. I have a few more products in my routine that keep my hair healthy and happy. It's important to choose the right brush, but it's also important to choose the right hair care products. Color Wow's entire curl collection is amazing, but this detangling pre-shampoo treatment works wonders for coarse, curly hair that gets tangled easily. It adds a lot of slip, so it's easier to wash. I try to keep my washdays to a minimum, but I work out a lot, so I aim for two to three times a week. I like to lightly cleanse my hair a few times a week with this hydrating, creamy co-wash. It was difficult for me to find the right mask for my hair since my strands don't like coconut oil. Coconut oil can make your hair dry if you aren't careful. I don't like using coconut oil on my hair because it doesn't work well for me and my hair is already coarse and dry. It leaves my hair soft and manageable. Silicones keep water out of the hair shaft because they are similar to coconut oil. This hair oil has a blend of kakadu plum oil, safflower oil, and capric Triglyceride to deeply hydrate the hair without weighing it down.

Denman Curly Hair brush is the best overall.

The Denman Curly Hair brush is good for both coarse and fine hair types. The staggered pin pattern provides maximum grip and tension, and it also doesn't tangle in my hair.

Cantu Ultra Glide Detangling brush is my all-time favorite drugstore hair brush. I had the hardest time finding the right brush for my hair, but this one has a wide setup and stiff bristles that make it perfect for me. The brush has lasted me for a long time.

I promise it's worth it, but I know this hair brush is expensive. I didn't think it would work for my hair, but I was wrong. If you have thick hair, nylon bristles are the way to go. The best paddle brush is from Aveda.

I had a fear of paddle brushes thanks to The Princess Diaries, but this Aveda brush is great for thick, curly hair. It has a lightweight design that is great for running through coarse hair.

I didn't use to buy paddle brushes due to my irrational fear, but this one from Mane is a great option. I like that it's a bit bigger with wider rows of metal bristles, making it great for thick hair. The flexible brush is designed to be used on both wet and dry hair.

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