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The actress says she has breast cancer.

CelebrityThe actress says she has breast cancer.

There's still more life that she wants to live, and she's opening up about her vulnerability when it comes to facing stage 4 breast cancer. On a new episode of her "Let's Be Clear" show, she talked about how she doesn't complain in front of people. I tend to cry alone in a closet. On the episode, the two commiserated about being very strong and warriors and being in a closet hiding from their breakdowns, but we can get through everything, but we'll have breakdowns. She said that she definitely does and that she wishes for something different with her life. I have to look at the other side to see what else would be happening. "Obviously, my biggest thing is I don't want to die too soon because I have a lot to accomplish, so that weighs heavy on my brain," she said.

During the same episode, she shared a morbid conversation about her final arrangements with the executor of the actress' will. She wants her remains to be mixed with her dog and her father and there's a shorter list of preferred people. "There's a lot of people that I don't want there, and I expect my funeral to be like a love fest," she said. She had a brain tumor removed after she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She started "Let's Be Clear" as a "live memoir" a month later, after she revealed that her cancer had spread to her bones. The contributors are: Naledi Ushe, KiMi Robinson

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