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The aid for Ukranian was blocked.

PoliticsThe aid for Ukranian was blocked.

Lee asked the President to say that the blood of Alexei Navalny is in the hands of House Republicans. There is a belief that Donald Trump is going to kill Alfonso NAVALNY.

"I wouldn't use that term," Biden said. "Look, the way they are walking away from Russia, the way they are walking away from NATO, the way they are walking away from meeting our obligations, it's just stunning." Biden expressed hope that Navalny's death wouldn't change anything, but also doubted that anything would change. The body of Navalny was found with "SIGNS OF BRUISING" as Russia claimed he died of "SUDDEN DEATH SYNDROME". The premise is crazy, even Biden himself said it was crazy. "There are structural incentives that look like a hack, but the stupider, the better," said Joe Gabriel Simonson. The wife of a Russian Dissident said NAVALNY was "MURDERED" in cold blood. We have to ask ourselves why Navalny died at this point in time. Witt said that the day before he died, he looked to be in good health.

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