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The Air Light Pro uses light that reduces heat.

BeautyThe Air Light Pro uses light that reduces heat.

L'Oréal has a long history of showing up at Consumer Electronics Show with innovative beauty products such as a UV sensor, a lipstick printer, and an augmented reality-powered brow enhancer. The AirLight Pro is an unconventional way to dry hair, and it is taking on the classic hairdryer. Unless you use heat protectant, it can be brutal on your hair. The AirLight Pro has a circle of lights surrounding a motor.

The way the environment dries rain inspired it. The most effective way to dry the rain is to combine the wind and sun on the day it rains. In the same way, a mix of light and air helps mimic the sun and wind but not heat. The small circle of lights in the hairdryer pushes out the air and helps dry the hair. The red / yellow end of the spectrum is not great for hair because it is closer to UV light. The result is a 30 percent faster drying time and a 31 percent reduction in energy usage. The AirLight Pro is going to be on the show floor this week, so I am curious to get my hands on it. L'Oréal.

Zuvi, a startup founded by former DJI engineers, made a similar light-based hairdryer. The app will allow users to modify their heat preferences, as well as a set of smart attachment that will automatically adjust the speed and temperature. The AirLight Pro will first be available at the salon under the L'Oréal Professionnel brand.

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