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The American Society of Negroes was reviewed.

Arts and EntertainmentThe American Society of Negroes was reviewed.

A young black man tries to walk through a group of people at an art gallery. He is one of the artists whose work is for sale when he arrives at his own yarn installation. The scene says a lot with a little, hitting comic beats, but ending deflated thanks to the art dealer. The bartender at the show, Roger, who hides a secret identity, is looking at the behavior of the young artist, Aren, who is enormously talented. The title of the film is a mission statement: Roger is a member of an elite group tasked with making white people feel better about themselves. Roger recruits Aren, and within moments, they help white people leap their fears in a single bound. When he and Aren help a disgruntled white cop get into a nightclub, it seems clear that the stakes involve the threat of racial violence, though these ideas prove to be a challenge to explore in a film that leans into romantic comedy.

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