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The Backstreet Boys did not approve of West's new single.

MusicThe Backstreet Boys did not approve of West's new single.

It's an update.

It's possible that he can get away with it, because the version he played in the Miami club featured other voices singing the chorus. Ye never cleared it with the boy band and their team used the 1997 classic. Play video content on social media.

Ty Dolla Sign takes over singing the original lyrics from " Everybody" after listening to the original song and chorus. It's an interesting challenge for him to not clear the song since his album is listed as a listed track. He played it in public in Miami and promoted it on social media and at his album listening event in Miami Monday night.

It seemed like it was going to be on his album. It's not good for Ye if he didn't use the track or if he just never asked. As we reported, Ye wore a black KKK-style hood Monday night at his public event. It'll be interesting to see if he can get clearance for more tracks in the future, as a lot of artists have distanced themselves from him.

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