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The Benefits of Critical Thinking and Its Significant Implication 

Tips & TricksThe Benefits of Critical Thinking and Its Significant Implication 

The era of the development of mass media, such as YouTube, has arrived. The advancement of various media and social networks has played a role in breaking down barriers between people. 

Many people point out the advantages of acquiring various knowledge in a short period through platforms like YouTube. However, there are also clear disadvantages that arise from the visual media. 

Critical thinking is a mindset that goes beyond accepting things as they are and interpreting them from one’s own perspective. Furthermore, critical thinking is inherently evaluative.

 It involves precisely, continuously, and objectively analyzing the sources of arguments, beliefs, and information to judge accuracy, validity, and value. In the process, one can deeply learn about areas for improvement and lessons to be gained. 

Critical thinking can be applied not only to theoretical thinking but also to deriving an active life. An active life instills a proactive sense of purpose.

Take YouTube as an example. Through YouTube, it is possible to quickly absorb a variety of information within a short time. 

However, because deep thinking is not done during the rapid acquisition of information, the absorbed knowledge is not retained for long. 

Even if one obtains diverse and useful information, the understanding is fleeting, and applying that knowledge elsewhere becomes challenging. 

On the other hand, processes like reading books, which consume more time, result in more sustained memory. In other words, the longer and more effortful the process of acquiring knowledge, the more likely one is to fully assimilate that knowledge.

As mentioned earlier, critical thinking requires a continuous exploration of objects, which is time-consuming. Biased and in-depth exploration within a short time is impossible. 

This process is very similar to acquiring knowledge through reading books. If the process of understanding the given answers is repeated, it cannot lead to the development of knowledge. 

Conversely, through the process of finding and understanding answers, one can apply in-depth knowledge to real-life situations.

Critical thinking is essential for us to accomplish important and significant tasks. In crucial decision-making situations, considering and predicting various variables is necessary to achieve the best results. 

The process of building one’s own unwavering beliefs in the face of important decisions is also part of critical thinking. If one executes their firm philosophy transparently and positively, it can have a positive influence on more people. 

Ultimately, an individual’s critical thinking can contribute to the positive development of society.

Memorization and rote learning have become synonymous with education in Korea. However, if one wants to become a leader shaping the future of society, one must study the importance of critical thinking and the significant influence it can have.

 Society will welcome individuals with critical thinking, and it will help make rational decisions in significant matters.

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