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The best pictures of the Northern Lights can be taken.

Arts and EntertainmentThe best pictures of the Northern Lights can be taken.

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The skies over Minnesota and a large part of the country have been glowing with a display of blues, purples and greens. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Minnesota may be able to see them again. How can you make sure you get the best bang for your buck from these rare events?

If you plan to use a camera, National Geographic suggests that you use a tripod. If you want to avoid shaking when you take the shot, pair the tripod with a timer.

If you're using a wide-angle camera, use the widest-angle lens that you can change. If you're taking pictures with your phone, hold it sideways to capture the colors at the edges of the Auroras.

You can adjust the exposure time on your phone's camera to maximize the potential of your shot by turning on the low-light feature. If you're using a tripod, hit the Night Mode icon and adjust the exposure time to the maximum. The Northern Lights can be seen from this extended exposure time. The viewer who posted the photo attached to the article stated that setting the camera to the highest ISO value was a must when photographing the Northern Lights.













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