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The cruise ship is resting its show in Hong Kong.

FashionThe cruise ship is resting its show in Hong Kong.

The city has historically been one of the brand's most important luxury markets because of the large numbers of travellers from mainland China and other parts of Asia that arrive in Hong Kong to embark on shopping sprees that take advantage of the retail scene and lower luxury goods prices. In an interview in Marseille, Bruno Pavlovsky, the president of fashion at Chanel, said that the label has never wavered from its commitment to the Asian city, which has lost its lustre in recent years. The cruise show that took place in Marseille, France, on May 2 will be restaged in Hong Kong on November 5. The photo was handed out.

In recent years, Hong Kong's standing as a tourist attraction has been affected by anti-government protests and border closings. At the height of the H1N1 epidemic, the boutique at the Peninsula hotel was expanded and a series of events were held for local media and clients. We are very pleased to be in Hong Kong and will continue to invest there. We are very happy to return to Hong Kong.

The day after the brand's Métiers d'Art show, the president of fashion, Bruno Pavlovsky, spoke in Dakar.

Over the last two decades, there have been off-schedule destination shows in locations such as Edinburgh, Scotland; Dallas, Texas; Havana, Cuba; and, more recently, Manchester, England. There are four haute couture shows in Paris each year. These shows are important because of their high visibility, and also because of their role in enhancing the relationship with long-term clients and acquiring new ones. The cruise collection is usually available until the early summer in some cases, which is later in the winter in some cases. The line is named after the idea that designers would offer an assortment of looks to wear on holiday, often a cruise, just in time for the end of year's travel season. A repeat or replica show like the one happening in Hong Kong, just as the collection arrives in stores, plays an important role as they take place just as the collection arrives in stores, creating immediate buzz and drumming up interest among clients who don't have to wait months until the pieces are The Cité radieuse, a Unesco World Heritage site, was the location of the cruise show on May 2.

The luxury industry has been badly affected by the global economy, with less growth in important markets such as China, and the most loyal clients being one percenters who are impervious to the effects of the global economy. The president of the Fédération de la Haute couture et de la Mode is confident in the future of the luxury industry, and he calls the current situation a normal readjustment after a period of euphoria. He said that life is back to normal and people are travelling again. After three years, it is normal to see a slowdown. Other brands will face changes, but the strong brands will stay strong. It is about creation and now is even more important.

The romantic ruffles at the cruise show were on May 2.

"I often get asked about our bags and our high prices, but we're the ultimate luxury house." We have bags that are expensive, but also bags that are doing well and have a lot of potential. He said that this is the day to day life of a luxury brand, how you position yourself and how you focus on creation.

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