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The film's biggest fashion moments in 2023.

FashionThe film's biggest fashion moments in 2023.

The relationship between fashion and film has always been beneficial. Dame Maggie Smith appeared in an ad and was dubbed Barbie on the red carpet, and the film was launched by Timothée Chalamet, who wore Prada and had 90s eyebrow piercings. The leather jacket is one of the most insouciant outfits seen on the big screen this year.

Park Ji-min makes her movie debut as a painter and sculptor in the film Return to Seoul. The true star is her 80s-style funnel-necked black leather jacket, which marks the film's second chapter and hums with meaning and expectation. It is similar to the style from Blade Runner, although in high fashion terms. Park wanted something stronger than the miniskirt, so she source the jacket herself.

A lost bear, with a lot of charm, is depicted in the film Passages.

In this 90-minute menage a trois romp set in Paris, you might find the best clothes of 2023. Adle Exarchopoulos is wearing a retro leather jacket and miniskirt, or Ben is wearing a navy cable sweater. The clothes in this film are so believable that much of the film's sexiness is tied up in how believable the outfits feel. The costume designer says that Tomas came across as a lost bear with a lot of charm. She wanted to dress him in women's clothes as well.

A beguiling ordinariness is what you will find in Past Lives.

Past Lives embraces the idea of real-life clothes that are actually worn by the characters. The most obvious example is the fluid slacks and striped shirt that she wears to reconcile with her childhood sweetheart who she hasn't seen in 12 years. The suits are in Rustin.

Colman Domingo suited up as Bayard Rustin.

Bayard Rustin is surrounded by men, including Martin Luther King Jr, wearing sharp suits. Rustin wears a beige three-button two-piece but prefers the jacket off, shirt collar buttons open, and tie loosened look. It underscores his drive for action and has echoes of Barack Obama, who got a producer credit during his presidency.

A wonderful tale of two dresses is told by Tilda Swinton in The Eternal Daughter.

When asked what her most memorable moment in The Eternal Daughter was, costume designer Grace Snell mentioned two printed dresses. The film's central character, Julie, was wearing one during her birthday meal, and her mother was wearing one as well. The dresses are in The Eternal Daughter, which is set years later with Swinton playing both women again at a birthday meal. The Souvenir and The Souvenir Part II were important moments in the film. There is a lot of preparation done for the films but we only commit to looks the day before each film day, allowing the film to dress itself in a way.

Emma Stone is wearing sleeves in Poor Things.

Poor Things starring Emma Stone looks like a fashion shoot. Holly Waddington told Vogue that she was inspired by everything from the 60s Courrges to bustle cages and latex, and Lanthimos wanted it to be all about the sleeve. Stone's sleeves are huge, puffed, and bounce across the screen like an underwater creature.

Cailee Spaeny is in Priscilla.

In the film, Cailee Spaeny plays the title character, who has approximately 120 custom outfits. One of the few vintage pieces we found and rented from a costume house in Toronto was a belted coat with metallic ball buttons. Battat worked with two designers to create a dress for Elvis and a dress for Priscilla. Battat says her favourite look is a dress in pale blue with bows that she wears when Elvis takes her on a shopping trip, during which he advises her to opt for black hair and more eye makeup.

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