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The floral dress is worn by Jen Lopez at the show.

FashionThe floral dress is worn by Jen Lopez at the show.

Lopez wore an olive plunge dress with a lavender and green flower cape.

The images are from the archives.

The images are from a press.

Pierre Suu is pictured.

This is Lopez's second floral outfit this week, and likely another symbolic one ahead of her visual album This Is Me…Now. Excited for this journey into my hearts and flowers era…#ThisIsMeNow coming February 16…

Peter White is pictured.

Lopez said in an ELLE Women in Hollywood interview that she might direct her own film one day. I have talked about it, but I turned it down because of time constraints. I can say that I will continue to evolve as an artist, as a performer, as a producer and as a person.

She spoke to Apple Music 1's Zane Lowe in January about where she was 20 years ago and how those lessons have impacted where she is now. She said that people thought she was oversharing as far as her personal life went, and so she got very, very much more private even though people knew who she was with. I was very quiet about what was going on in my life. It wasn't until now that I had gotten to a point where I could accept something that was healthy and loving that I had gone through so many different things. I felt safe enough to say, "Oh, I have been hiding a part of myself for so many years." I was digging into that as I was writing this music out of love and joy and happiness and then I thought, wow, what it took to get there.

She said that you don't understand what's happening. It's all falling apart and you're wondering what's going on. The only way to do that is to dig deep and take a hard look at yourself and your patterns, and maybe you can get to a point where you understand. I needed to grow in this way. When you reach another point in your life where something really beautiful happens to you, are you able to look at the things that were more challenging and growth moments?

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