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The French prime minister resigned due to political turmoil over immigration.

PoliticsThe French prime minister resigned due to political turmoil over immigration.

The resignation of the Prime Minister paves the way for the appointment of a new government by the President. The shakeup was seen as an attempt by the 46-year-old centrist to head off a looming end to his term in office. The French Constitution states that a president can't run for a third term in a row. Borne suggested in her resignation letter that she quit at the request of the president.

The immigration legislation that was passed late last month was intended to strengthen the government's ability to deport some foreigners. The centrist alliance was able to pass the measure after making a deal with the conservatives. The ability of Borne's government to pass future major bills was questioned by the tough negotiations and heated parliament debate. Borne became France's second female prime minister when she was appointed in May 2022. The government used special constitutional powers to be able to pass laws after they lost their majority in parliament. In April, a bill to increase the retirement age from 62 to 64 was enacted into law, angering many people across the country. The president posted on X that Borne's work "has been exemplary every day" after his office announced his acceptance of Borne's resignation.

The statement said Borne will continue her duties until a new government is appointed. Gabriel Attal is the favorite for the job, according to French media outlets. Sébastien Lecornu, a minister for the armed forces, and a former Agriculture Minister, are some of the other people mentioned. The prime minister is in charge of implementing domestic policy.

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