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The game is open for partnership or acquisition.

TechnologyThe game is open for partnership or acquisition.

The CEO of Pocketpair and creator of Palworld said in a new interview that his studio is in talks to release the 'Pokemon with Guns' game on more platforms. According to the CEO, he wants to bring the title to more platforms. Many thought the possibility of Pocketpair being acquired by Microsoft as a result of the success of Microsoft's platform. The CEO of Pocketpair has said that his studio isn't in talks with Microsoft about being acquired. In the interview, he said that he wanted to make multiple small games. The CEO doesn't think it will be as successful as Palworld because he doesn't think it's essential for success. The CEO said that games are fun when playing with friends.

We're pretty sure that a lot of players would like to see Palworld on the PS5 and the Switch. The official account of the game on X has revealed that the first raid will be about a magic evil that wants to lay waste to the Palpagos Islands. The post on X was "Attention Pal Tamers" and is related to the Palpagos Islands. The first raid is coming soon and only the most skilled Pal Tamers stand a chance.

It's available for both PC and Xbox.

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