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The Great Runway Makeup Revival was led by Pat McGrath.

BeautyThe Great Runway Makeup Revival was led by Pat McGrath.

DamePatriciaMcGrath is the greatest living makeup artist, and she lives in New York. In the future, when a temple is erected to the cosmeticians of our time, the shrine will be outsized, and a site of its own pilgrimage; the Holy Mutha, to whom we pray. She has made some of the best-selling cosmetics in the world, including Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Diorshow Mascara. Pat gave us euphoria makeup before she created her own line. Patly impractical, a gold color with a melty mixing medium, was ahead of its time when it was first introduced at Paris Fashion Week in 2015. John Galliano's show in Paris was applauded for almost every aspect of its production, which featured ghosts under a bridge. There was a brief and breathless craze, because it was the makeup that gave each model their special look. I asked my friend if it was liquid latex and she said new Pat. The #margielaMakeup look was seen almost 50 million times after the show on TikTok. Nobody expected a beauty story to dominate the couture season, especially not beauty editors, who have seen a decline in interest in runway beauty stories, and Pat McGrath Labs, who seem like they really didn't see her big moment coming, either. It was clear that a new product was on the way when McGrath announced a Live masterclass. During the Live, he said that the look had been less of a hero product and more a science project. The audience was grateful but it was possible to hear a quiet murmur of disappointment. In the past, big beauty sponsors hid next-season launches in the kits of their key artists, hoping that a cruising beauty editor would notice. I have done some of these, and it has always been a demoralising experience. It can be more than one thing to swoop in and out on behalf of a makeup sponsor. It is possible to bask in the glow of the event until you realize that you are in the way. The beauty-loving population had already ceased to care when we got into the great show and the great interview with the great beauty tip. The artist Terry Barber explained a few trends of the season, including pearl skin, blue eyeshadow, and "naughty" shades of cranberry, in an effort to cut down on backstage press traffic. Dyson's hairdryer was launched on the first day of the New York shows. It is called the Supersonic r because it looks like a purple r. You will have to forgive me for seeing and smelling a woman named Gwendolyn Christine. One can only assume that the launch calendar has been changed after the public response to Margiela. I think what we have seen is just some Pat McGrath-brand artistic genius, and not the kind you can buy. It is nice to see fewer billboards in the museum since Fashion Week is as much about art as it is about commerce.

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