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The guitarist responded to the ex-employee's attack on the espresso GRIND.

MusicThe guitarist responded to the ex-employee's attack on the espresso GRIND.

Escuela Grind was having a rough week when guitarist Tom Sifuentes left the band after complaining about his hearing. A former driver for Escuela Grind has accused them of a range of things, from sexual assault by a tour manager to being mistreated. I kept my mouth shut, but I was treated badly throughout the tour, not just for myself, and I got some form of apology. You kicked my best friend out of the band, and I never got paid, so let's get it. You are trash, whether it be your friends or band mates. You can't get rid of people you fucked over because you can't remove hate comments. You hired a tour manager who harassed me every day. You talked at the side of my head for two and a half weeks and underestimated me. I don't want to go camping or hiking, I don't think some people come along as sexual shamans, and it's insane to me that the activist with a homemade 'Gay Sex and Class War' patch would be If I knew it wouldn't hurt you, I'd spit in your face. It's disgusting that you would pretend to be a voice for the girls, gays, and theys but you didn't advocate for a single one that I saw. You let Jesse ruin your band's reputation and everyone's mental health, what do I know? If you would have taken less than 5 minutes to get to know me, you'd know I was more qualified to handle your shit. The driver said that he really enjoyed working with Alexandria, as well as Tom, Ryan and Krissy. It's funny that the guy with theclown is the runner up for most courteous in the van. Escuela Grind guitarist Krissy Morash denied the sexual assault allegations and accused the driver of not being able to do their job properly. We were happy to let you go because not only did you lie about being able to park trailers, you let your emotions affect your driving capabilities, and chose to party with other bands and drink before we You nearly wrecked into oncoming traffic after breaking too late on the LA freeway, but you couldn't accept suggestions for driving safer in the future. I'm the reason Jesse had to talk to you in the first place, because you buckled, gave up, and insisted that we thought you would steal things from our van while trying to leave. We made sure you were comfortable by buying airb&bs, but you didn't have to choose which bed you slept on, we had a bed in the back for you to rest in. "To insist Chris is a predator when he didn't touch you or even ask to peg you is ridiculous, I watched you get things out of him for your own benefit." After damaging our van in DC, we still showed you love and compassion, and Jesse sat and talked to you for hours in the cold.

I was not comfortable with the way you were portraying love and respect to a small group of people on social media.

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