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The history of fashion can be found at B Dry Goods.

Fashion & StyleThe history of fashion can be found at B Dry Goods.

The gallery opens its history of fashion exhibit on Thursday. A range of pieces from the Roman Empire to the modern era are included in a show at his Crown Heights gallery "B" Dry Goods. The wardrobe chest used by Marie Antoinette in the late 18th century is one of the highlights of the exhibit. It's extremely rare because they would've destroyed them and made new ones. There are only a few of them that still exist.

Marie Antoinette's wardrobe.

He couldn't sell all of Baker's clothing, so he kept it. He bought some of June Weir's former possessions and after selling her letters and documents, he was left with a surprising number of physical artifacts from the fashion world. He began to organize a show that offered a glimpse into the world of fashion after he realized he had a lot of clothes. There is a bra made entirely of screws and false eyelashes at the "B" Dry Goods gallery.

Many of the items on display are available for purchase and can be bought by scanning a barcode next to the piece. I am a person who buys a lot of art, and I find it insane that I have to go through a song and dance with someone to see if I can buy a particular thing. I didn't want that to be our vibe here.

Select pieces go for as low as $35, which is less expensive than you might think. The gallery was named after his great-grandfather, who ran a dry goods store 10 minutes away from the current gallery. He was a beloved figure in the family, and would've been perplexed by the things that I deal in. 30 at B Dry Goods.

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