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The internet's latest art obsession is a girl with a Pearl Earring.

Arts and EntertainmentThe internet's latest art obsession is a girl with a Pearl Earring.

The internet seems to have developed an obsession with parodying Johannes Vermeer's famous painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring' and honestly, I'm a little obsessed. The classic portrait can be interpreted in many different ways, from original recreations to artificial intelligence art. Creatives across the internet have been dreaming up the most weird and wonderful pieces because of the increasing popularity of AI art generators. I can't offer an explanation, but I can provide a selection of my favourite examples.

Users on X began sharing their unique versions of the famous portrait over the weekend, using oil-painted intricacy to create oddly majestic imitations. User sankalp shared their rendition captioned "cat with a pearl earring" using the software Midjourney to create a feline version of the girl, which one fan called a "masterpiece". The rendition created by meganroseruiz was an endearing homage to the original, despite the different art styles. Oalf Falafel shared a post titled "The Pearl With The Girl Earring". The portrait has a realistic quality due to the cracked paint and reflection detail on the pearl.

January 10, 2024 is when 'Corn with a Pearl Earring' will be released.

The girl has a pearl with her earring.

I'm thankful for the random internet art trends, they prove the subjectivity of art.

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