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The Interview with Jen Aniston.

BeautyThe Interview with Jen Aniston.

The products on this page were chosen by the editor. It is no secret that she had some of the most sought-after hair of the 90s. The creation of the custom paste/serum hybrid was the inspiration for the latest product from the actor. The last thing we put in the hair was a makeshift paste.

The Morning Show star believes that Rachel would use the Sculpting Paste.

She says that she likes that we talk about her like she is a real person.

The Sculpting Paste was the subject of a conversation we had with Aniston, who shared how she indulges in an "everything" shower and how her friends are obsessed with it. Every product is a baby of mine, but this came from something I would always use at the end of the hair portion of getting ready. The Sculpting Paste was made by mixing the paste with a couple of drops of serum to get a smooth texture. After Chris rubs it through my hair, he throws it in the air. It is great to have those little flyaways in your hair if you are going to use it for a slick-back bun. Do you ever use the product for a slick-back look? I use the Sculpting Paste to slick down the front of my hair. I asked my partners to give me more samples of the Sculpting Paste, but I couldn't keep it in my house. It was mostly the boys, because this is a product of ours that is great for guys. My dear friend, my dear friend, my dear friend, is the envy of every male and female because he has a head of hair that is not right. The Sculpting Paste was sent to him for the start of his movie, and he loves it. You joined the company and now you schedule hair-wash days around workouts, but do you still use the Sculpting Paste? My Pvolve trainer is obsessed with the product and her husband is as well. When I'm done working out, I finger-dry my hair and then use a Sculpting Paste to create a shape, or throw it in a low bun. We all want to know how to keep our hair healthy. The best thing to do is to get good hair products that have healthy ingredients. Chris always tells me that I should air-dry my hair and put in a leave-in conditioner and a bit of oil.

I like to have my hair mask on when I go to my everything shower. I start with the normal routine but swap the conditioner for it. I put it in a towel for 10 minutes and then add a little or two drops of oil before styling. The paste is available for $29 in stores and online.

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