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The Kintsugi Space spa was reviewed.

BeautyThe Kintsugi Space spa was reviewed.

You can go for healing and renewal at the mini-destination spa all in one building. There are various scented hamman experiences, a Japanese Onsen bath and beautiful water massages. Beyond the basic bells-and-whistles, which also include a small pool, Japanese-styled gardens, and a mini gym, a creative and fascinating combination of high-tech wizardry sits alongside theholistic. TheSlim Pod is a body-sculpting machine that helps you sweat away the fat, as well as a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to restart cellular processes. NASA uses it to rehabilitate and soothe muscular tension and it's also used to massage. Bare feet can be used to roll out knots in the Hawaiian Sarga Massage, or a modern Ayurveda treatment can improve sleep. A sanctuary for restoration and transformation, local ladies drop in as and when, while international guests come for non-residential retreats, staying at a nearby hotel and being chauffeured in every day. There is a rumour that the behind-the-scenes owner is a benevolent princess intent on helping women. Patrizia Bartolin, the woman behind Italy's trauma-releasing Priedlhof, a spa in South Tyrol, has stepped to the fore to run a star-laden show. Patrizia has a talent for bringing together exceptional teams of therapists and sprinkling magic into minor details. The mission is to enable guests to find and raise their frequencies based on the understanding that as you are, so you attract. The underlying philosophy is based on the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, the practice of repairing ceramics with liquid gold and creating new masterpieces. If we can turn our wounds into wisdom, our frequencies will go up. Every Kintsugi journey begins with a 'Quantum Assessment', given by a naturopathic doctor, and explores everything from energy levels to life outlook. Results steer treatment choices, including using sound, light and energy therapies, as well as massage, exercise, meditation, and yoga. signature therapy 'Matri', which combines light therapy with laser acupuncture, five-kosha and Kintsugi's bespoke adaptogenic artisan products, is one of the many unique offerings at this location. The all-female team of therapists, practitioners and healers all contribute their talent to the whole. The Greek goddess of travel is now living in Abu Dhabi. She is a celebrity facialist who has worked on the likes of Kate Moss and Demi Moore, but the word 'facialist' doesn't do her justice. She is a body therapist who works with the whole person, not just the skin. Lying on a warmed water mat under your chest and shoulders, deep cranial-sacral holds, and connection with a wise woman are some of the things you can do with her. There is a therapist who consistently and consciously delivers from the heart and works with both intuition and intent. The Zen retreat is a sanctuary that allows guests to just be. The design is designed to feed into your system with a soothing colour and thoughtful details. There is aHappiness Room with musical instruments to tinker with and affirmation cards, as well as a thoughtful library of books. The aesthetic harmony dedicated to nurturing is created by renowned therapists and exceptional artists. The sound waves of a voice message she recorded after meditating were painted in gold by Baker over the course of a year. Baker said, "It encourages viewers to look beyond the ordinary and connect with their higher consciousness."

The vegan, plant-based food is an important part of the experience and meals, as well as smoothies, in-house herbal teas and juices are included on a complimentary basis. Tofu scramble is a good option for breakfast or lunch. The Green Lasagne is a delicious dish made with pasta and lentils. You are encouraged to eat your food without judgement, as it takes 20 minutes to process messages from the gut to the brain.

Three nights is enough time to refresh, lift brain fog and reestablish your inner battery. Patrizia says, "Be in love with everything."

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