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The Laser Ink display is a true palm pilot.

TechnologyThe Laser Ink display is a true palm pilot.

It may seem impossible, but the days of carrying around a phone in public might be coming to an end. Wearables are being used to distract our attention from a physical screen to augmented reality devices projecting images directly in front of our eyes, or in the case of the HumaneAI Pin, right onto our hands. The square Wearable is like a brooch and similar to a Starfleet Badge, it is the core of a smartphone and works as a screen-less smart assistant. An Octa-core processor with 4 gigabytes of memory and 32 gigabytes of storage powers a custom operating system. The top quarter of the device is slightly tilted, which allows the camera to capture images more accurately in line with the person wearing it. Humane is guided by voice recognition, and senses the world around it with optical sensors and microphone, allowing users to capture what they see and hear without craning their neck toward a screen. 13MP photos can be captured with the built-in f/2.4 camera. The device can be used to answer calls and respond to texts by pressing a button on the front of the device. The pin is capable of giving a certain tone with emotions of excitement or nervousness when it converts voice into text. The laser ink display uses the hand as a canvas for text and graphics.

A true palm pilot is the interface elements at 720p resolution. It is too early to predict when a screen-less phone will become a normal accessory worn by many, but the Humane Artificial Intelligence Pin projects the possibilities of a near future when we abandon icon and GUI navigation for an interactive relationship between the physical world with artificial intelligence. The Humane Pin is not cheap.

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