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The London-based label is called Standing Ground.

Fashion & StyleThe London-based label is called Standing Ground.

When he was young, Michael Stewart wanted to enter the art world. Stewart thought he would go to art college, but he found himself drawn to the college's prestigious fashion course. He grew up in rural Ireland, where there was no fashion and no one in his circle worked in fashion. Stewart switched to fashion design after following his impulse.

Stewart was supported by Fashion East's talent-incubator programme and has carved out a unique space for Standing Ground. The padded bands on the hipbone are part of the designer's contemporary silhouettes.

He says that he never sketches designs and that he uses pattern cutter to adjust the fit. Imaan Hammam was championed on the Toronto Film Festival red carpet by Salma Hayek. Jamie McCarthy.


Stewart chose the name Tethys because of the ancient ocean that existed millions of years ago. He contemplated ancient landmarks and their place in modern society for the collection. I drape onto bodies and work with pattern cutters.


Draping features heavily this season, with ingenious use of jersey beading in shades of pearlescent-silver and muted earth tones. A notable evening coat in icy-blue shows Stewart's tailoring skills. He says that the coat was just a glimpse of what he could do. I am giving myself time to make sure that I show up in a way that is right for my work.

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