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The Look of the Week is a neon faux fur moment.

FashionThe Look of the Week is a neon faux fur moment.

The Look of the Week is a regular series dedicated to unpacking the most talked about outfit of the last seven days. She left the taping in a full-length version, sheathed in acid green, a few hours later. Both coats are made from a blend of synthetic fibers and were designed by the French fashion designer Alexandre Vauthier. The pink coat was a Haute couture look from Alexandre Vauthier.

Real animal fur was a coveted status symbol. The kind of woman you are and the kind of life you lead are what Vogue said about the fur in 1929. The real deal will likely be seen as a reflection of personal ethics. The pendulum has swung away from fur products as a result of tireless campaigning and gallons of red paint. The challenge of making the alternatives to fur desirable remains, though progress is being made. In the early 1900s, pile fabric, made with the same type of looped textile technique used to create cord and velvet, was born, with its tufted surface serving as a more affordable alternative to animal skins. The pile factories of the 20th century became so overrun with orders they had to briefly close production.

The use of polymers in the 1950s gave the garment industry an even more sophisticated and convincing textile. The Fall-Winter 1994 collection for Chanel was a good example of fake fur becoming high fashion. Ski pants with tall furry hats, and fuzzy jackets with pink, yellow and green colors were on the runway. According to Vogue, Karl Lagerfeld knew his fur from his fluff and encouraged other women to do the same. Patrick Kovarik and Gerard Julien are pictured.

By the year 2015, fashion runways were filled with faux fur. The French designer Julie de Libran told Women's Wear Daily that the faux-fur approach is playful and fun.

Synthetic fur is better for animals, but what about the planet? A report by the Humane Society International states that a hat with a raccoon dog fur pompom has a carbon footprint 20 times higher than a fake fur one. Fur alternatives are usually made from plastic and will likely release plastic into water systems when washed. While she may be heralding in the season's new coat of it-coat, many will be hoping she leaves her footwear at the door. You can be chic and fake fur if you want to.

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